I’m pro eugenics.

November 4, 2007

Since I’ve probably already offended some people, I’ll go out and say it. I’m pro eugenics. Not as in, “oh I’m the master race and every other race should be destroyed,” but more like, if you already have 3 or 4 kids, someone needs to make it so you can’t have any more. And if your IQ is less than, say 100, you should be sterilized/fired out of a cannon into the sun. This does not apply to actual mentally challenged people, just idiots. Mentally challenged people are usually cool.


The freedoms and transmissions of open dialogue

November 4, 2007

The freedoms and transmissions of open dialogue are a testament to a society that holds if at least it’s own founded beliefs sacred.  The actual methods of political interchange between politicians, lobbyists, and especially the public, are demeaning to the system, and the reliance on psychological manipulation and subversion and not the open deliberation of ideas is jawdropping.  In a system that has been so bureaucratized that it has lost complete relevance to its intended purpose, you have to wonder when it will ever change to represent more than pushing capitol and arrogance.

In what you can read in history books, by no means has the US democracy been errorless, but it’s easy to see that in relation to the previous eras of the country where it continued to evolve in a manner that reflected the ideas of the day and intentions, this one is perversely manipulated by an absolute undermining of the system that was established to keep it fair and intelligible.

Opening the ability to “wire-spy” on anyone does not seem like a step backwards, but a step in a different direction of progression towards a much less democratic state.  I agree that it is a failure on the part of the democratic representation to sell their liberty for a chance of security.  Perhaps the own freedoms of democracy are inherently subject to the exploitation of itself.